La Ville Lumièreparis!

by Talia Katz May 02, 2013

Members of AFPDC in Paris from left to right:


Dominique Maugeais, Charlotte Butruille-Cardew, Nolwenn Leroux, Sandrine Henry-Guillermard, Audrey Duroselle, Dominique Hazan-Villouz, Nathalie Ganier- Raymond, Lorraine Bertagna, Cathereine Bourgues Habif, France Valay-Van Lambaart

I so enjoyed my meeting with members of AFPDC in Paris! What a wonderful group of smart, insightful, engaging and delightful Collaborative practitioners. We spoke very frankly about IACP's role in supporting the growth of CP in Europe, how we can help to best meet the needs of the French in educating the public, upholding standards of practice and remaining globally connected. I might add that we are delighted to welcome AFPDC as a new Whole Group to IACP - with 97 members joining our community this week. 

My meeting in Paris was a truly fabulous way to wrap up my European adventure. It has been such a privilege to meet with so many remarkable Collaborative practitioners throughout the European continent. My hope in sharing these small tidbits of my travels has been to help introduce our international community to members beyond our own borders and to heighten  our collective awareness of the power inherent in our coming together. We've much to learn from one another and support to share with one another. I hope that those of you reading these posts might be inspired to reach out, post your own blogs and videos and continue to make our united voice that much more vital.  

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5/5/2013 6:51:24 PM #

Welcome AFPDC to whole group membership!  It's great to hear a bit about you from Talia!  Linda Wray (Minneapolis, MN)

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5/5/2013 7:51:12 PM #

Il est merveilleux de voir la pratique collaborative devenir un mouvement mondial. Bienvenue à nos nouveaux amis de la France.

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5/9/2013 12:29:46 PM #

Talia, thanks for traveling to reach out to all the Collaborative Communities.  When are you coming to Washington State?  May not be Paris, France . . .

Actually, it is not Paris, France.

Nice nonetheless.

To the French Collaborative Community:  If you come to Seattle please look us up.  We would love to host you at our Practice Group meetings to share.

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5/9/2013 6:14:45 PM #

Welcome AFPDC! It's such an exciting opportunity to meet our collaborative colleagues from around the globe! It seems like a wonderful meeting and connection!
Shireen B. Meistrich

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