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It Takes the Little Things

by Kevin Scudder December 03, 2013

IT TAKES THE LITTLE THINGS*   In one of my first practice group meetings as a newly trained Collaborative Practitioner more than five years ago the thought came to me that Collaborative Practice is similar to a sports team.  To have success as a Team there needs to...  READ THE FULL POST

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A Proposal to Amend the Constitution of the American Bar Association

by Kevin Scudder August 23, 2013

  Despite its institutional stance against the Uniform Collaborative Law Act I remain a member of the American Bar Association. I do so because the ABA is a strong voice for Pro Bono legal services and, as reflected in David L. Hudson’s article in the June 20...  READ THE FULL POST

Unbundling CP

by Kevin Scudder August 22, 2013

In the June 2012 issue of the ABA Law Journal David L. Hudson Jr. wrote: One of the most urgent challenges facing the U.S. justice system is finding ways to increase public access to affordable legal services, but growing numbers of people aren’t waiting for the legal ...  READ THE FULL POST

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My Apologies

by Kevin Scudder May 01, 2013

Three years ago I took a Vow to do no more litigation. After twenty years of litigating I had had enough of the damage to my clients, and to myself, that I experienced in litigation. I developed a non-litigation retainer agreement and integrated the fact that I would not tak...  READ THE FULL POST

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by Kevin Scudder February 04, 2013

 A TRIP TO THE DOCTOR While we all hope that we can duck and dodge the viruses and germs that come our way every season, it just is not possible to be of good health all the time.  Some days we wake up and find ourselves under the weather.  Our pulse may be ra...  READ THE FULL POST

Confidence to Collaborate

by Kevin Scudder January 15, 2013

In a local blog post I recently wrote about what it takes for consumers to have Confidence in Collaboration.  In this post I focus on the importance for professionals to have the Confidence to Collaborate.  Without our having confidence in our own ability to collab...  READ THE FULL POST

A Collection of Kindred Spirits

by Kevin Scudder October 08, 2012

  Between you and me, the Collaborative Brain Trust was not my idea.  Somebody else came up with the idea.  Perhaps Talia Katz is the inspiration behind this effort because one day I opened my email inbox to find an invitation from her to join this Team. ...  READ THE FULL POST

An Invitation to the Collaborative Brain Trust

by Kevin Scudder October 02, 2012

When I first heard the name of this Blog my gut clenched like it will during a Team meeting when something unexpected and unwanted happens. By the silence on the conference call we were on it was clear that others were experiencing their own gut clenching. Just as I do in a case when I experience that clutching sensation I explored what that clench was about. My initial feeling was that I was being asked to be part of something that others would consider elitist, arrogant, pretentious, or condescending, all synonyms for the word braintrust.   READ THE FULL POST

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