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CP is Born in Brazil!

by Talia Katz December 03, 2013

[From left to right: Marcello Rodante, Adolfo Braga, Tania Almedia and Olivia Furst]   A very warm and hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Marcello Rodante, Adolfo Braga, Tania Almedia and Olivia Furst, IACP members and founders of the Brazil’s Collaborative Practice in Fam...  READ THE FULL POST

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UCLA enacted in Washington!

by Talia Katz May 06, 2013

Congratulations to King County Collaborative Law and it’s Legislative Committee on the recent passage of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act in Washington! Last Friday's signing by Gov. Jay Inslee brings the total number of jurisdiction...  READ THE FULL POST

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La Ville Lumièreparis!

by Talia Katz May 02, 2013

Members of AFPDC in Paris from left to right:   Dominique Maugeais, Charlotte Butruille-Cardew, Nolwenn Leroux, Sandrine Henry-Guillermard, Audrey Duroselle, Dominique Hazan-Villouz, Nathalie Ganier- Raymond, Lorraine Bertagna, Cathereine Bourgues Habif, France Valay-Va...  READ THE FULL POST

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When in Rome!

by Talia Katz May 02, 2013

Seated from left to right: Corinna Marzi, Marco Calabrese, Paola Bucciarelli , Francesca Ballanti, Francesca Massi, Maria Rita Teofili, Donatella;  Standing: Antonella, Maria Rita Consegnati, Marina Petrolo, Alessia Capilupi, Adriana Galimberti I apparently found just t...  READ THE FULL POST

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by Talia Katz May 01, 2013

What an inspiring meeting with the Board of AIADC! This practice group of 120 (and growing!) is among the most committed and enthusiastic I’ve had the opportunity to meet. The group has invested heavily in training and it shows. In depth trainings are held on a re...  READ THE FULL POST

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Great meeting in Zurich!

by Talia Katz April 19, 2013

What a wonderful day I had in beautiful Zurich, meeting with local leaders Katja Ziehe, Miriam Spiegel, Michael Salzer, Carola Reetz, Peter Dunner, Nina Lang and members of the Zurich practice group. This was the first practice group meeting I attended during this visit to E...  READ THE FULL POST

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Collaborative Leadership in Ireland

by Talia Katz April 19, 2013

From left, Patricia Mallon, Seamus Boyle, Jemima Brookman, Eoin O'Connor, Muriel Walls, Orlaith McCarthy, Mary O'Neill, Catriona Murray, Joe Maguire, Colm Murphy. What an amazing day I spent in Ireland! I was invited to attend the board meeting of ACP, the Irish national CP ...  READ THE FULL POST

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An afternoon with Resolution in London

by Talia Katz April 18, 2013

Great meeting on Monday with the leadership of Resolution! Pictured are Kim Beatson, Sarah Lloyd, Jo Edwards and Colin Jones. Resolution is the premier organization in England for family law – supporting family lawyers, mediators and Collaborative practitioners through...  READ THE FULL POST

Meet Anne from Glasgow

by Talia Katz April 15, 2013

I had such a lovely time today meeting with Anne Dick, from Glasgow, representing Consensus Scotland. Anne was kind enough to travel to London to meet with me here. By all accounts, the Collaborative community in Scotland is thriving! After catching their collective breathe ...  READ THE FULL POST

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My day in Lille, France

by Talia Katz April 15, 2013

If you’ve not yet met, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Dominique Lopez-Eychenie and Brigitte Bogucki, two Collaborative lawyers who have been at the forefront of the development of Collaborative Practice in France. In our day together in Lille, we spoke a lot abo...  READ THE FULL POST

Meeting our friends in Europe!

by Talia Katz April 08, 2013

I am about to embark on a very special and exciting adventure – a journey which will provide some invaluable face time with our Collaborative colleagues in Europe. I’m on my way for two weeks of travel in and around France, England, Ireland, Switzerland and Italy...  READ THE FULL POST

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We've saved your place!

by Talia Katz October 12, 2012

Have you had a Collaborative "ah-ha" moment? We're holding open this spot for conversations you want to initiate. Go ahead - post away - we're eager to see where this takes us!...  READ THE FULL POST

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