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Guest Blog by Stu Webb

by Guest Blogger January 16, 2013

How to Avoid the Claim that “YOU AREN’T VERY COLLABORATIVE” You know, to be truthful, authentic Collaborative work requires working from our authentic selves. Why? The disclaimer provision (the requirement of withdrawal from representation if sett...  READ THE FULL POST

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Confidence to Collaborate

by Kevin Scudder January 15, 2013

In a local blog post I recently wrote about what it takes for consumers to have Confidence in Collaboration.  In this post I focus on the importance for professionals to have the Confidence to Collaborate.  Without our having confidence in our own ability to collab...  READ THE FULL POST

The Safety Checklist

by Mark Weiss January 15, 2013

“Participation Agreement signed? Check!” “Client meeting scheduled? Check!” “Safety for all? Uhh …”   Collaborative Practice trainers and practitioners often talk about the importance of “safety” or a “safe en...  READ THE FULL POST

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Grief - The Birthplace of Healing, Repair and Transformation

by Cat J. Zavis January 15, 2013

Whether it is in the context of a divorce, a death, an illness, or when we see tragedies unfold around the world or in our own backyard, we react.  Some of us want to DO something, anything to try and fix what happened or to get out of our own pain.  So of us want ...  READ THE FULL POST

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